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Friday, April 17, 2009

An Invitation to Join in the French/German Fun

Earlier in the week, ChefE over at CookAppeal used "Monday Mouthful" as a title to a post, and jokingly, I asked her if I could steal the phrase sometime (when I could muster up the creativity for a themed weekly post). She so graciously agreed, and then suggested something better...a weekly recipe that we could work on together. It got even better when she suggested that we open it up to other readers!

So, we'll be cooking some French and German dishes over the next few weeks, alternating between the two. ChefE has chosen the first recipe, and we will all post on Monday (and reveal the next recipe then too). This is not a contest, nor is participation mandatory. If you feel like joining in for one recipe or all, please do!

For details and this week's recipe (French meatloaf like you've never seen it before), go to CookAppeal. And make sure to email ChefE at elizabeth@cookappeal.com with your post information so we can link it to Monday Mouthful!

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