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Thursday, April 2, 2009

NATO, President Obama, and My Blog

So I have a few posts waiting to be written, but I just haven't had the time to get to them. As you may know, the NATO summit is being held in Strasbourg, Kehl (Germany) and Baden-Baden (Germany) this year. It's a landmark event for many reasons: 1) It's usually held in capitals where this sort of thing is usual, 2) It's being hosted by two countries for the first time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of NATO (France and Germany), 3) this will be President Obama's first NATO summit, and 4) President Obama will be holding his first ever international town hall meeting!

And all of this combines into one crazy week for us! We found out on Saturday that we are invited to the town hall meeting, but getting the tickets and then a babysitter has proven daunting. I finally picked mine up today! Woohoo! And we found a babysitter yesterday...

Besides trying to coordinate our attendance at the town hall meeting, I've also been navigating the fortress that Strasbourg has become. I did my grocery shopping earlier this week to get us through Sunday since many routes to very useful places (like the grocery store) will be closed unless you live there, have registered with the police, and have the official badge. Tonight I roasted two chickens, one for our dinner, and the other to make different chicken salads out of for the next couple of days. With the exception of the town hall meeting, our family will be hunkering down in our apartment with a bowl of chicken salad to the sounds of police sirens and helicopters for the weekend.

So, I've written this long post just to tell you that, yes, I've been cooking, and, yes, I'm going to post something about cooking soon...just not until I have the chance to wink at President Obama!

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