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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Week in Review

I've finally caught up on my RSS feed this week, so I'm up to date!  What I've been reading this week:
  • I've finally tuned in to Pinterest.  I've seen it floating around, but actually signed up for an account there.  If you haven't been, it's a great way to see beautiful photos that people find around the web in categories like Food, Travel, Home Decor, Photography, etc.  There's pretty much a category for whatever interests you.  You can just browse, but you can also create an account and pin your own photos that you find around the web.  If you have an account, come by and follow me!
  • As for food, I've found this delicious-looking Chinese Chicken Salad with Spicy Ginger Dressing.  After a short spell of beautiful weather, it's gotten hot here in Kentucky again, and a dinner salad is just what I'd love to whip up!
  • And finally, Our Best Bites has a recipe up to either can or freeze apple pie filling.  I'm definitely trying this since my husband loves apple pies.  Now I just need to get out to an orchard and pick some!
What have you been reading this week???

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